Servicing of the water purification system


Quotations are hereby invited from service providers for the servicing of water purification system at the central office

Advert: WTC-CEN-WPS/09/2021- Servicing of the water purification system

Quotations displaying quotation number WTC-CEN-WPS/09/2021 must be submitted on/or before the closing time

Closing date                             : 09/09/2021

Closing time                             : 14H00 pm

Validity Period of Tender         : 90 days


All enquiries related to this RFQ may be addressed to this email:           

The following documents must accompany your quotation. Attached please see costing model to be completed. Service provider can use the costing model to draft their quotation.

        Copy of CK certificate must be attached indicating member's names and percentage ownership within the enterprise,

        Valid tax compliant letter with PIN

        BBBEE registration to claim Preferential Points

        Proof of CSD registration Report

        CIDB Grading 1 SO/CE or higher

        Professional engineer who is ECSA registered, specialising in Mechanical or Civil Engineering or rather a professional registered scientist with SACNASP

        Experience on water purification/treatment plants, servicing of plants, installation of new treatment plants and designing new purification systems is mandatory. A minimum of 3 similar projects. Provide reference/testimonial letters.

Waterberg TVET College promotes fair competition among suppliers. Any form of bid-rigging or collusive bidding will be unacceptable. Bidders will be disqualified.

Service providers must submit their quotations and all attachments to Waterberg TVET College Central office at Cnr Hooge & Totius streets, Chroompark, 0600 or can alternatively be sent by email to:

Waterberg TVET College does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any quotation. The right is reserved to accept any tender in whole or in part and re-advertise this quotation any time after the closing date.


        Servicing of water treatment plant, diagnose any failure and perform any repair work

        Inspect storage tanks for defects and deficiencies and clean if necessary

        Perform preventative maintenance on treatment plant, boreholes and pump house

        Inspect equipment for wear and tear and replacing where necessary

        Design purification system and pipe layout, issue drawings that are signed by registered engineer

        Check water readings and water levels in storage tanks

        Record inlet pump running times and pump cycle starts

Attached please see the costing model to be completed