Asset Condition Assessment







Waterberg TVET College, intends appointing a Consulting/Civil Engineers organisation for the inspection/condition assessment and management of the subsequent repair of four college campuses and a farm.

You are hereby invited to indicate your willingness to participate in this project by the submission of a priced proposal in support of your appointment.


1.0       THE PROJECT

1.1         BACKGROUND

The Department sets the annual maintenance planning requirements for TVET Colleges every Academic Year (Annexure 2). 1. The TVET Annual Infrastructure Maintenance Plan for 2021 are as follows: Every college must determine a 2021 Annual Maintenance Plan, per campus per building. The target for 2021 is that a minimum of 50% of the buildings in use for teaching and learning must be condition assessed, costed and recorded on a Meso Planning template (Annexure 3). Note the requirement to distribute the maintenance requirement over the next 3 years (2021/22/23). You are advised to record the funding requirement in a prioritized manner over the 3 years. It is absolutely critical that every college conducts a full and accurate assessment to complete and submit the final Annual Maintenance Plan by 20 November 2020 as the planning for Treasury Bids and the allocation of any funding will be determined on the information provided


1.2         SCOPE

1.2.1    This project entails, broadly;      Phase 1 (condition assessment)

Refer to Part A of Annexure 1in this document for details on pricing of this phase.

The following particular requirements will apply to Phase 1:

i)          Engineering condition assessment on all four

ii)          Centre's and farm, namely

         Business studies Centre- Mahwelereng  

         Engineering and Skills Training Centre - Lebowakgomo

         Thabazimbi/ Regorogile

         IT and Computer Science - Mahwelereng

         College Farm- Sterkrevier

iii)        A detailed engineering condition assessment and quantification of the remedial work per building per component in all 4 campuses and farm required must be done indicating the following:

  Work required to ensure immediate/short-term structural integrity of the specified structures where and if applicable. (Emergency work)

  Work required ensuring long term structural integrity. (Preventative work)

  Assessment method as per department requirement must be followed. Template will be provided

The above inspection information must be supplied by means of a comprehensive detailed formal engineering report, including photos and relevant elements/defects in question.

Inspection template will also be provided and must meet department guidelines

iv)       A detailed cost estimate per building per component must be submitted reflecting the costs of work required associated with above paragraph respectively and separately.

1.2.2    All campuses shall remain fully operational throughout the assessment period.

1.2.3    Due to the nature of the work to be undertaken, the consultant must reflect in his proposal the access to suitable knowledge of engineering condition assessment competency.  The consultant shall also show the potential to manage projects of a civil and/or structural nature.



The Works site is situated at all campuses and farm in the Limpopo area as shown in 2.1 of this document.


1.4       PROJECT ORGANISATION        

1.4.1   The Consultant shall be required to consult with and solicit information from some or all of the following people and departments (amongst others) for the duration of his appointment.

i)       The Project Manager: Infrastructure at Waterberg college who must be approached in the first instance for authorised staff to attend to you and the appointed contractor/s where access to restricted site is necessary.

ii)      Waterberg college representatives responsible for safety and environmental aspects of each site.

1.4.2   This project will be coordinated in the office of the Project Manager: Infrastructure at Waterberg TVET College central office in Mokopane, Limpopo

1.4.3   Your proposal is to include the nomination, by name, of staff members, formal Associates and/or Specialist Contractors who will be specifically appointed to this project in respect of the following roles and functions, should your bid be successful;

i)       Engineers/Technicians responsible for all inspections and condition assessments as required in Phase 1.

ii)      Lead Engineer responsible for deliverables in terms of the appointment.

iii)    Engineers/Technicians responsible for survey, site aspects, site studies, quality control, and safety control etc.

iv)    Any other functions you may consider necessary to delineate.

The WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE reserves the right of acceptance or rejection of any individual so nominated.  After award, no changes to the Project Team shall be made without the approval of the Project Manager: Infrastructure WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE.


3.0       THE PROPOSAL:

3.1       The main proposal, in duplicate (one original and one copy), shall state the following, amongst others:

3.1.1    A detailed baseline schedule including time & the following deliverables, amongst others:

i)             Completion of detailed engineering inspections of the structures

ii)            Submission of detailed condition assessment reports, Bill of Quantities and associated cost estimates

iii)           Tendering process and Recommendation Report

iv)           Quality Assurance Plan

v)            Project Execution Plan encompassing liaison with all the role players

vi)           Handover certificates

vii)          As built drawings and close-out report.


3.1.2   A Project Team organogram showing names, functions & responsibilities (see 1.4.3 above) as well as where they are based.

3.1.3   The organisation's and individual team members' recent experience on similar projects.

3.1.4   General organisation-wide resources.

3.1.5   Detailed priced proposal as explained in 4.0 below.

3.1.6   Any special observations & comments.

3.1.7   Proof of professional indemnity insurance.



4.1         The fee proposal shall be submitted in accordance with Annexure 1

4.2         Your detailed fee quotation shall be calculated in accordance with Annexure 1 and the latest version of the Guideline Scope of Services and Tariff of Fees for Registered Persons.

4.2.1    Fees for Report Stage.        The Consultant shall be reimbursed for Phase 1 as shown in Part A of Annexure 1 of this document.  The Consultant shall indicate in Part A of Annexure 1 of this document the total number of hours for each personnel type that will be required to complete the investigations/inspections        Disbursements for Project will be paid as shown in Part A of Annexure 1 of this document.

4.2.2    Fees for Normal Services. (Clause 4.2 Guideline Scope of Services and Tariff of Fees for Registered Persons, 2020)        The basic fee for normal services shall be calculated in accordance with Clause 4.2.1(1) of the Guideline Scope of Services and Tariff of Fees for Registered Persons, 2013.   Part B of Annexure 1 of this document must be used to price for the fees for normal services.        The Works is classified as "Civil and Structural Engineering Services pertaining to Engineering Projects".

4.2.3    Fees for Additional Services        Consultants are expected to specify a rate per hour only at which the various additional services will be carried out




5.1.1   General:

The Consultant shall:  Insure himself, Principals, Associates, Specialist Contractors and staff and provide proof thereof that Works in the WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE environment are included, thereby indemnifying the WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE against all claims arising from consequential work performed by him in this environment        Carry out the tasks associated with his appointment with due diligence.        Source all drawings and specifications; prepare bills of quantities, cost estimates, inspections, schedules and documentation necessary


            The firm bidding for this appointment shall;

5.2.1       Have a record of having managed appointments of a similar nature or, in the case of Emerging Consultancies, be able to provide proof at the time of submitting his proposal, of an association with a Consultancy or Specialist with the necessary experience.

5.2.2       Provide proof of all Indemnity Insurances as stipulated in paragraph

5.2.3      Include in his proposal abridged Curriculum Vitae of Principals, Associates, Specialist Contractors and staff proposed for the appointment.

5.2.4      Have the capacity available to perform the functions within the WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE overall time schedule for the project.

5.2.5       Membership of the SA Association of Consulting Engineers shall be considered an advantage



6.1         Selection of a Consultant will be made by a selection panel comprising officials of the WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE hereafter a recommendation for approval of the appointment will be made.


7.1            This Request for Proposal shall be read in conjunction with the accompanying Tender documents that shall be adhered to and completed in full.

8.0            CONTRACT DURATION

              It is expected that the contract period shall not exceed 3 weeks' period or earlier. Appointed service provider must have capacity and resources to deliver as expected.

Interested bidders to make their submissions by Monday 19-10-2020 before the end of business day.

Request for proposals or any questions can be sent to

MR Mlondolozi Jwara

Project Manager Infrastructure

Tel: 015 492 9000




Hand delivery address:

Waterberg TVET College, Cnr Hooge & Totius Str, Mokopane, 0600


Annexure 1 - Detailed Price Proposal

A.  Investigation & Report Stage - see RFP for scope of Phase 1



Total Units (Hours)


Total (Rands)


Thabazimbi campus





      Professional Personnel





      Technical Personnel










Business school-Mahwelereng





      Professional Personnel





      Technical Personnel










engineering campus - Lebowakgomo





      Professional Personnel





      Technical Personnel















IT campus - Mahwelereng





      Professional Personnel





      Technical Personnel















      Professional Personnel





      Technical Personnel









A 6

Disbursements (applicable to Phase 1 ONLY)










      Travel (per km)





      Photocopies (Each)















Sub Total A










Previous Experience : ( Relevant experience to engineering condition assessment of structures)

(Supply detail info on projects successfully completed and letters of references)

   >5 Recent Projects=  20 points

   4- 5  Recent Projects =17 points

   1- 3projects = 10 points





 Location; (company utility bill must be attached to confirm company address )

   Offices within Limpopo Province  = 15 Points

   Offices outside Limpopo Province = 13 Points





Capacity: Resources available for this project ( min 4 , attach copies of ECSA certificates and SACQSP)

   Registered engineer (3 x Pr eng, 1 x Quantity surveyor(PrQS) = 15 points

   Registered Technologists (3 x Pr eng tech, 1x Qunatity Surving tehnologist ) = 12 Points

   Registered technicians (3 x Pr techni, 1 x quantity surveying technician) = 9 Points










Minimum of 80% must be achieved to qualify to next evaluation stage (Price 80 and 20 BEE)